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Transforming everyday properties with home staging

Vacant homes can take twice as long to sell and can sell for less than staged homes. So it makes sense to apply ‘next level’ marketing to one of your biggest assets, doesn’t it? 

That’s what home staging is,
Next level marketing for your home.

We home stage Perth properties in all suburbs. Houses, apartments and units of all ages and calibre.  

When a room is decorated with the idea of making it a ‘home’, it’s to create warmth. Instead of viewers pin pointing flaws on an empty room, they are focusing on how this home could be theirs. It comes back to the age old saying “A home is what you make it”. 

How home staging can help you

Home Staging Perth Property in Westminster

Less Time On Market

Vacant homes can take twice as long to sell compared to staged homes. Less time on market means less real estate marketing expense, less interest/mortgage repayments… But mostly it means you can move on after selling your home, faster.  

Home Staging Perth Property in Westminster

Tax Deductible

If your home is an investment property, your home staging costs could be a tax deduction and may offset any capital gains tax you might  be subjected to.  

Home Staging and Property Styling Perth

Maximise Sale Price

You want your buyers to be emotionally invested in the idea of your property, rather than discounting the price for every minor imperfection. Home Staging highlights the best aspects of your property, and lets the buyer focus on that, so they are more likely  offer more to make your place, their new home. 

Real Estate Agents We Work With

We don't just provide home staging direct to Perth home owners, we also work with the below agencies who see the benefits of home staging Perth listings.

Experienced real estate agents know that once a potential buyer connects with a home on an emotional level, an offer is a sure thing. 

So why leave anything to your buyers imagination, when home staging makes it so much easier to see and feel a homes full potential?

Why home staging works....

Stand out from other listings

Most buyers will sift through hundreds of listings before they actually find their perfect home. Home staging will make your listing stand out, making it a strong candidate for their short list or favourites.

More traffic to your advert

All designers know it, not just interior designers and home stagers... Graphic designers, photographers, architects.... If how your product (in this case your home) is visually appealing, its fare more likely to receive more attention, or in your case - online clicks, due to being home staged.

Best first impression

You only get once chance at a first impression. if a buyer didn't like your home and see it's potential the first time they viewed it, its unlikely that they would view it for a second time. Home staging stacks the odds in your favour at an excellent first impression.

Let the home staging numbers speak for themselves

50 %
Less Time On Market

Staged homes spend 73% less time on the market compared to those that were not professionally home staged.

50 %
Easier to Visualise

82% of buyers agents said staging a home made it easier for a potential buyer to visualise the property as a future home.

1 %
Positive Effect

47% of real estate agents believed that home staging properties has an overall positive effect.

What clients are saying about our home staging

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    Home Staged & Sold In A Week

    Home Staging of Secret Harbour Property 33 Flagstaff

    One of our most recently home staged Perth properties, is a stunning Dale Alcock home. This home featured four bedrooms, a study and an activity room. The property also had a theatre along with a games and bar area. 

    A table tennis was suggested for the games room, which I thought was great alternative to a pool table, and Pinterest did not fail to deliver some great alternatives to the usual green or blue table tennis tables. The activity room was originally added to the plan as a ‘store room’ as all homes in the area required one. I decided to make it a room close to my heart, a reading nook. 

    The property was under offer in one week.